Smart Scheduler

Patient7’s Smart Scheduler simplifies healthcare practice schedule management with intuitive navigation, flexible views, and online booking capabilities.

Detailed Features:

Quickly find and add clients

With Patient7’s smart search feature, potential client names are dropped down as you type, making it faster and easier to find the patient you need and if you do not find him, you can create a file for him/her.

Rebooking clients

With Patient7, you can easily rebook your clients’ next visit directly from the appointment screen with just the push of a button.

Mobile friendly calendar

With Patient7’s mobile-friendly calendar, you can book and manage appointments from anywhere, at any time, using your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. Patient7 is designed to be easily accessible and user-friendly across all devices.

Register new clients while booking

While scheduling an appointment for a new client, gather their required information seamlessly without requiring page navigation.

One-off availability

Modify the availability of practitioners on the fly without disrupting the standard schedule. You can easily find the available clinician at the date and time of your preference.

Multiple business locations

Switch between different views to access schedules for all of your businesses, regardless of the number of locations.

Appointment confirmations

Your customers can get comprehensive booking information via email, which includes relevant details as an attachment that can be added to their personal calendar.

Flexible calendar views

Easily alternate between checking your own daily appointments, the weekly schedule of everyone in the practice, and everything in between.

Automated appointment reminders

Minimize the number of patient no-shows by automatically sending SMS and email reminders to your clients before their upcoming appointments.

History of changes

Easily track the history of any changes made to an appointment, including the identity of the person who made the change and the time of the modification