Clinical Templates

Customizable clinical templates made by health practitioners in secure cloud storage. Personalize templates to fit your practice, access records from any device, and search notes instantly with Patient7.

Detailed Features

Store files:

Patient7 allows you to store various files, including images and letters, related to your patients. You can upload multiple files simultaneously by dragging and dropping them into the system.

Patient forms:

Transform your patient forms into digital format. The system is secure and user-friendly, and the submitted forms are automatically added to the patient’s records.

Treatment notes:

Record, edit & lock all of your notes directly in Patient7, so they’re available when you need them, on any device.

Configurable templates:

Customize treatment note templates to fit your requirements, making them as straightforward or intricate as necessary.

Create note shortcuts:

Customize note shortcuts to efficiently and quickly complete notes.

Mobile friendly:

Carry all your medical records with you wherever you go. Access and edit them on your laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Attach files:

You can attach and save various files related to your patients, such as images, letters, and other file types that you can also annotate.

Export treatment note to PDF and print them:

Export treatment notes as PDF files to share them with doctors and other healthcare providers, or print them for physical copies.