Reporting & Tracking

Patient7 offers detailed reporting & tracking using interactive dashboards for a complete understanding of your practice’s performance. It helps track your clinic’s progress and determine the most effective channels for your business. With real-time insights and insights, Patient7 enables informed decisions for practice growth and improvement.

Detailed Features:
Cancellations and no-shows:

Monitor the list of clients who missed their appointment and analyze their pre-notification duration.

Payment reports:

View the number of payments received for a specific day or a defined duration and obtain a detailed analysis of the means of payment (credit card, cash, checks, etc.).

Income from the practice:

Get an overview of overall revenue for a chosen period, either for the entire clinic or for specific practitioners. Identify the most popular services and products. Unpaid bills: Retrieve a list of unpaid invoices and identify practitioners who have not yet received payment.


Easily declare your expenses at tax time by recording them directly in Patient7.

Practice growth:

See the number of new clients acquired, the most popular types of appointments, and referral sources for clients.

Upcoming walk-in clients:

Identify clients who have no upcoming bookings and view the date of their previous appointment.

Practitioner income:

Receive personalized reports that display the revenue generated by each practitioner and the services most frequently provided by them.