Migration Services

Migration Services

Migration Services

Smooth Transition to a New EMR: A Reliable and Streamlined Process

Selecting, implementing, and utilizing an electronic medical record (EMR) effectively can greatly enhance a clinic’s efficiency. When it comes to switching EMRs, it’s crucial to know where to begin.

Our experienced team of data transfer and project management experts has developed a proven process that consistently delivers successful results, regardless of the size or unique requirements of your medical practice. With over a decade of expertise in data migration, ranging from small clinics to large regional projects, your clinic can benefit from our wealth of knowledge.

Enjoy comprehensive and personalized support throughout the transition with the following steps:

1- Kickoff Session:

During this session, roles and responsibilities are discussed to ensure clarity before the transition commences. Based on your clinic’s specific technological needs and operational priorities, our experts assist you in defining the ideal organizational structure.

2- Customization

Utilizing the information gathered in the previous step, we customize the Patient7 Platform to perfectly align with your requirements.

3- Data Migration

We guarantee the secure transfer of all your data, whether it originates from an EMR or another source. Our experts validate the integrity of the data and ensure it is transferred according to established best practices.

4- Interface Setup

We seamlessly connect any third-party systems to your Patient7 environment.

5- Training

Tailored training, delivered through a digital adoption platform and access to the Patient7 environment, is provided to all types of users before the Go-Live phase. Additionally, our comprehensive Knowledge Base, consisting of articles, landing pages and videos, is available to further support your learning.

6- Onboarding & Support

Our expert team deploys Patient7 online and remains available for any additional support call or meeting to ensure a smooth onboarding experience within your clinic.

7- Feedback Session

We conduct a dedicated meeting to review and evaluate previously established objectives. This gives us the opportunity to make necessary adjustments and collaborate with you as your needs evolve.

8- Blazing Fast Customer Support

Our dedicated team of experts is available round the clock, responding to your queries within two minutes, regardless of the time of day.

9- Follow-ups with the Client Success Team

Our Client Success team acts as your ongoing point of contact, continuously studying your clinic’s needs and providing tailored training and support to help you achieve your objectives. We prioritize your long-term satisfaction as a key measure of a successful transition.

Experience a seamless transition to a new EMR with our reliable process and unwavering commitment to your clinic’s success.