Patient7-Blog-How the Patient Portal Module Can Improve Your Practice?

How the Patient Portal Module Can Improve Your Practice?

Patient7 has added an exciting new module as an adjunct to their clinical management software system. The patient portal allows the patient to receive an invitation to log in and enter their own intake information, read and sign a custom consent form and complete a COVID-19 screening form prior to their appointments.

Patients can enter their own demographic information, and provide their family doctor and pharmacy information, insurance details, clinical and medical history, medication list, and any known allergies; all saving you time and money.

Your patients complete their information and it is automatically populated into their patient file with any pertinent information highlighted for the practitioner. If your patient indicated that they have Insulin-Dependent Diabetes Mellitus, it is extrapolated from the form and highlighted on their patient profile.

Clinics can upload their own custom consent form, and patients can date and sign the form digitally.

The COVID-19 screening form alerts the clinic by email if your patient has indicated a “positive COVID-19 result”. It also alerts the patient, by email to contact the clinic regarding their pending appointment.

Your patients fill in the forms from the convenience of their home, no paper copies need to be printed or provided to the clinic upon arrival and the staff do not need to enter the details into the patient profile or electronic medical record- saving you time and money!

Our proven cloud-based software and patient portal have advanced security services at several levels including physical, infrastructure and application security. The Patient7 servers are hosted in data centres that conform to HIPAA, PIPEDA, Level III and SSAE-16 (ISO). Your patient information is safe and secure with the Patient7 system.