Online + Offline Communication in your Practice
June 17, 2016
Online + Offline Communication in your Practice

Finding a balance between communication online and face-to-face is important for a strong and healthy practice. The increase in workplace technology has introduced employees to a wide range of collaboration and communication tools. Today, employees are constantly connected to each other. Never before has it been this easy to keep updated with everyone.

Online + Offline

From emails, databases and instant messages to face-to-face conversations and lunch breaks, communication during the work day is spent partially online and offline. To have a preference for one or the other is fine but in order to nurture a healthy workplace you need a balance of the two.

An opportunity has risen to better manage the gap between online and offline communication and it should focus on integration.

Integrated Workplaces

One part of the solution is to introduce examples of integrated workplaces. This will give your employees a better idea of what to expect. Looking to technology-based companies like Google and Facebook are quite inspirational in terms of workplace design. For the lead, the Edge smart office in Amsterdam is to be considered the height of integrated workplaces. Yet, it has to be said that not all environments are well-suited for this type of development.

These ideas may not fit with your practice, so try starting by introducing an integrated form of communication into your working culture. Start by exploring the online communication tools from Slack to Trello find out what online tools work for your team. Are you using a CMS? What plugins could be introduced into your processes to increase efficiency?

Balanced Workplaces

The technology in your practice does not need to supplant the communication your employees had before but when the online and the offline are well-balanced you will discover that you’ve developed a healthy work environment.