Create a clean contact us page
July 22, 2016
Online + Offline Communication in your Practice

As a clinic, your website is the best means for potential clients to find your services. Once a potential visitor has seen your website, you’ll want them to be able to reach you easily. That’s the goal of a good contact us page, it has the ability to inspire visitors to engage with you and become potential clients.

It’s not always obvious what makes a good “Contact Us” page so here are a few elements to keep in mind.

Keep it Simple

If you decide to include a contact form only ask for the essentials: name, email, and a message. There’s nothing that deters a potential client more than being asked for too much information.

The same goes for the information you can include about yourself: Clinic name, email, phone number, address and of course, hours of operation. 74% of smartphone users are using their phone as a GPS, meaning they most likely will use it come find your location. Including your address will help all those visitors who expect your address to be found on the website. Here’s a great example from the German company Den Ersten that incorporates a satellite map:

All the essentials plus a built in satellite map.

Easy to find

Make sure your “Contact Us” is clearly labeled in the header or the footer. Around 55% of all visitors only spend 15 seconds on your website so make it clear how they can reach you. In the footer of most websites, you’ll notice a quick line or two that give the address and phone number so visitors can jump right to calling and making an appointment.

Minimalist Style

Create the least amount of barriers between your visitors and you. A clean “Contact Us” page will draw the eye to the important information, take for instance this page from Mostly Serious:

Super minimal design: three boxes and a button.

Well-Written Copy

Give your copy a little bit of care. When you write a message use those action words rather than the passive form. Have fun with it and make sure to double check for typos or grammatical mistakes. The last thing you want is potential visitors being turned off by a spelling mistake.


Like most any other part of your clinic’s website, you want to make sure that the contact us page is mobile-friendly. With the immense rise in smartphone use, you’ll want to make sure visitors can find your clinic on their phone’s browser.

With all this in mind, create that “Contact Us” page and get engaged with your visitors.